[Urban Regeneration] Concert Square, Liverpool- Adding value with new public space

This project located in the heart of the city centre close to central station and Duke Street/Bold Street which have themselves been undergoing improvement. The regeneration of a redundant inner urban industrial area by removing a building to create a new square and developing the buildings around it for a mix of uses.

The development was carried out in conjunction with the City Council. It took an empty chemical factory and derelict back street and by sacrificing development space created an urban square with a mix of new and vibrant uses. This transformed a former derelict area into a city centre place where people want to live work and spend their leisure time.

The development saw the creation of a piazza providing open air concert and exhibition space, a mix of bars, restaurants, night clubs, photo gallery, offices and 18 loft style apartments. 

It is estimated that this development has created some 180 jobs. This scheme has received a number of awards including from the British Urban Regeneration Association, the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Merseyside Civic Society

Liverpool's Concert square is a good example of the urban regeneration. 
Every town has a variety and hierarchy of spaces. It is important to be clear about how each development contributes to this hierarchy, varying treatment according to the type of space (whether a path, street or marketplace), the character (whether it is to be used for informal recreation or is to have a formal civic status, for instance) and size.

Source : Urban Splash http://www.urbansplash.co.uk/ . urban design compendium 87