Barcelona Line park (La Segrera Line Park) / Barcelona new park in Baro de viver

Barcelona, Segrera Line park  (La Segrera Linear Park)

Sagrera Park, to be constructed above the route of the high-speed train through Barcelona, is an exceptional project not only because of its scale, but also by virtue of its social, infrastructural and green landscaping complexity. 

On the geological divide between the Collserola hills and the Besos valley, where a canal and a road ran in Roman times, the winning project proposes a wooded, soft, almost idyllic park. What was already in historical times a connection between the town and its hinterland will now become a green finger leading to the new high-speed train station in the centre of the city.

This park is an emphatic departure from the 'hard squares' that have for so long defined the image of public space in Barcelona and that have become increasingly unpopular with the inhabitants. This is not the only front on which it marks a break with the recent urban design past, for it also refrains from the design of forms in favour of a 'strategy' that entails working with vegetation.

project info:
client: BSAV, barcelona sagrera alta velocitat s.a.
size: 222,000 m2
design team: west 8 + RCR + aldayjoyer
engineering consultant: sener
botany consultant: materia verda
lighting consultant: artec
traffic consultant: BR&A

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