Bicing, the public transport service for individuals using bicycles , has become a common sight in Barcelona city. It is a simple, practical and sustainable service that allows you to go wherever you want to, when you want to, without making any noise or emitting exhaust fumes. It is a transport service that complements the underground and bus networks.The system consists of a network of stations and bicycles, intended for use on regular journeys, and not for leisure use or use by tourists.

The majority of Bicing stations are near the entrances to the underground and overground train stations and public car parks. In each station there are bicycles which can be borrowed and free spaces to which to return them (see map), though at peak times there may be no bikes or no spaces available.

6000 bikes and 400 parking-retrieval stations. Each Bicing station can take up to 20 bicycles. Some locations are double-installed, to hold up to 40 bikes.

The annual subscription to the service is 47.16 euros which includes an RFID swipe card to unlock the bikes. 
The first 30 minutes are free and to take the bike longer the cost is 0.74 euros for each more 2 hours. If you want to keep Bicing for other 2 hours the cost is 4.54 euros each hours. After 24 hours a further 150 euro fee is incurred if the bike is not returned. Users have to provide identity details and credit card details when they sign up, and any costs are charged straight to the registered card.

If, upon the return of a bike, a station is full, the user can touch the card on the pillar of that station and an extra 10 minutes will be credited, to give time to go to the next available parking point.

More information available on the web site 

Bicing http://www.bicing.com

Source: Bikeoff Project – Design Against Crime
            Ajuntamiento Barcelona