Urban street design - Urban street segments for Main street /Charmeck, USA

Main Streets are, most importantly,destination locations that provide access to and function as centers of civic, social, and commercial activity. Main Streets may currently exist as older neighborhood centers or potentially refurbished business areas. New Main Streets may be developed in mixed-use developments or as part of pedestrian-oriented developments.

Main Streets are designed to be pedestrian-oriented to complement the development next to the street. Main Street development is people-intensive and pedestrian scaled, both in terms of design and land use. When design the Main Street have to think about multiple uses. Main Streets not only serves pedestrian activity centers, walking receives but also serve transit, bicyclists, and automobiles.

1. Development Zone
2. Pedestrian Zone
3. Green Zone
4. Parking Zone
5. Mixed Vehicle zone

It typically has 2 lanes with on-street parking, but may also include a 3rd, center turn lane. Roadway capacity for vehicles is not expanded to maintain free flows and congestion is accepted as a positive, traffic calming aspect of the Main Street environment.

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