[Urban design] New tile in Diagonal, New panot in Diagonal,Pavement in Barcelona

The new tile in Diagonal ,Barcelona.  which maintains the versatility and usefulness of 20x20cm piece has been designed and produced by Escofet Terradas Architects,  Reproducing the Platanus leaves. Diagonal composition with four major parts and incorporating technological advances and to eco-efficiency.

The installation of the new tile started on the stretch between the streets Calvet and Casanova mountain side. In total, around the area of Diagonal is reforming, which runs from Plaza Francesc Macià until Passeig de Gràcia, provides 24,078 m2 of floor tile installed Diagonal.

Qué os parece el diseño? :)

If you are interested on other design of pavement in Barcelona, Here we have link for blog post about pavement in Barcelona.

Link : http://bit.ly/1D4DHMd

Design by
Escofet Terradas Architects 

source :  http://www.lavanguardia.com/ , http://www.terradasarquitectos.com/