[Space design] The fun theory : Piano stairs,The World's Deepest Bin / Cheer up! theory : Mapo Bridge, Bridge of Life ,Republic of Korea

The Volkswagen has launched a popular new campaign called "The Fun Theory" which is "dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people's behavior for the better."

The Piano Stair 

If stairs played musical notes when you walked on them, would you be more likely to take them? It turns out that 66% more commuters opted for stairs over the escalators! The top video, Piano Stairs, has achieved over 1 million views on YouTube.

The World's Deepest Bin

The can designed to sound like the deepest bin in the world. Many people especially kids like to play with the deepest bin. Fun changes people easily!! :)
Fun theory can be adapt many field involve urban design, social area. As you just watched on video, The fun attract people to participate.

However, In Republic of Korea (South Korea), there we can see public art that aim to change people e's behavior but with another concept of theory I'd like to call 'Cheer up! theory'. 
Here we have video about Mapo Bridge : Bridge of Life.

마포대교, 생명의 다리 Mapo Bridge, Bridge of Life

South Korea aims to promote a message of life and hope and at a bridge over the River Han in the capital, Seoul, that has the unenviable reputation as the favorite place for people wanting to commit suicide.

The Mapo Bridge, one of 25 over the capital's river, has seen 108 suicide attempts in the past five years but authorities aim to bring that down by placing signs along it with messages such as: "the best part of your life is yet to come".

More information and source : http://www.thefuntheory.com/